Take notes with screenshots and remember them

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Copy-paste is too slow

PicoJar lets you capture fast and triage later to make sure you can stay in the flow without switching context. It also turns your screenshots into text notes, so you can easily highlight quotes, export lists and run full-text search.

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Lightweight personal wiki

Don’t just store knowledge, interact with them. With PicoJar, it is super easy to annotate and connect your existing notes, so you can turn your fleeting inspiration into long-lasting memory.

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Like going through your emails

PicoJar is the 'catch-all' visual inbox that collates all your ideas into one place. The built-in GTD inspired workflow guides you to triage incoming ideas daily in less than 5 minutes to keep your mind clear, your ideas fresh.

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A good idea deserves a second visit

We forget what we saved. PicoJar resurfaces your notes opportunistically based on keywords, context, and time to help you reenforce your memory.

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Focus on the content, not the tool

No learning curve, no time consuming maintenance. PicoJar streamlines the workflow so you can focus on retaining and growing your knowledge.

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Privacy as a feature

We know screenshots are extremely intimate, that’s why we process everything on your mobile device without requiring internet connection.